LiBa Electric Bug Zapper, Outdoor & Indoor Insect Killer with Switch – 4000V Powerful Grid, 20W Extra Brightness IPX4 Waterproof Mosquito Repellent Outdoor, Fly Traps for Backyard Patio

  • OUTDOOR BUG ZAPPER: Our blue-violet light naturally attracts bugs, and our 20W bug zapper outdoor eliminates all Mosquitoes, Wasps, Hornets, Flies, Moths, Gnats, and Aedes, allowing you to relax inside and outside in peace. This fly zapper has an effective range of 1,600 sqft, and our waterproof design is perfect for any Backyard, Garden, Patio, Deck, Porch, Balcony, Courtyard, Pool area, or any other outdoor living space.
  • INDOOR SAFETY: Our motorless design quietly eliminates insects, and fireproof ABS casing provide state-of-the-art safety. This bug zapper indoor zapper is easy to operate, with an on/off switch and a five-foot cord for convenience and flexibility. A child safety screen is also included, making this mosquito killer especially family friendly.
  • INSTANT PROTECTION: This fly traps outdoor zapper simply functions on our state of the art lightbulbs designed to attract and dispose of insects. Get rid of smelly, nasty sprays and use a high voltage mosquito zapper to keep your home free of pests. Each mosquito trap has a removable tray for easy cleaning.
  • EASY SETUP: Each zapper comes with a hook, allowing you to hang it anywhere or place it atop any countertop, table, or even the floor in problem areas. Safe and secure to use in hospitals, workplace areas, commercial spaces, restaurants, kitchens, warehouses and retails stores.

Customer Reviews

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Ray Myers
Bad Product

Our zapper went through 3 sets of tubes in 6 months and now shocks one when the unit is touched. We have sent 3 emails with no response.

Corey Villanueva
It's ok

Not very good at attracting bugs. They seem to fly around and away from it rather than into it.

Linda Whitney
Works as advertised.

Very loud when a victim gets zapped, I kinda like it.

Christopher I.
Nostalgia At Its Finest

All the nostalgia and sound of the old zappers from the 80s and 90s without the bugs catching on fire! Easy to use and clean. Clears out what felt like a gnat/fruit fly infestation in no time at all! Haven''t had to change the bulbs yet but so far we are very happy with this purchase!

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