Amber Spray Bottles (2 Packs)


  • PREMIUM AMBER GLASS- High-quality amber glass protects the contents of your spray bottle. Glass won't leech chemicals for the safest home care accessory.
  • DUAL SPRAY FUNCTIONS- Adjustable spray nozzle allows for 3 different modes- off, full mist, and a targeted jet spray. More choices means you can customize your experience to cater to your every need! The extended suction tube allows you to get every last drop and ensures you spend less time refilling, and more time spraying.
  • LEAK & CLOG PROOF- Are you tired of every spray bottle clogging, and losing the ability to properly mist or spray after only a few uses? Our spray bottles were designed with a durably constructed polypropylene spray head, supported by a 304 stainless steel spring and precision valve and piston for an easy leak & clog-free experience every single time.

Customer Reviews

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Lynn from Ohio
Good quality

Watering plants

Jessie Ann

Absolutely love how they spray, it took my design game to the next level.

LA Reviews
Great Amber Spray Bottles

We've ordered two sets now. Going to order another. Highly recommend.

One of bottle does no spray right.

One of the bottles does not spray well and gets gummed up.

Loved these at first

I loved these at first. They seem sturdy and have held up fine for the few months I have had them. They worked like a dream at first, which I loved since I'm used to buying really cheap spray bottles. However, after about a month of use, the handle became a little sticky, and they don't squirt as smoothly as they did at first. I'm not sure if I need to oil it or something. I also use these every day, so I'm not sure if that would make a difference. I still use them, but I wish that the mechanism had stayed smooth.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Safe and clean, our Amber Glass spray bottles are perfect for all sorts of home care solutions.
The amber color maintains the integrity of the bottle's contents, helping it last longer and work safely.

Amber Glass spray bottle 2 pack - Liba
Amber Glass spray bottle with adjustable nozzle - Liba
Leak proof Amber Glass spray bottle - Liba


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