Blue Back & Neck Massager

  • INTUITIVE ERGONOMIC DESIGN - The Selfie Massager’s beautifully sculptured line and curves is the perfect marriage of form and function. Unlike other massage therapy tools which tend to be either basic and toy-like or over-sized with too many knobs and handles, the Selfie Massager was designed to be the ultimate massage tool since each therapy node and spike can be used on every part of the body from the neck to the feet. Only your imagination is standing in the way of this tool’s versatility.
  • ALLEVIATE MUSCLE KNOTS OR TRIGGER POINTS - The Selfie Massager is the ideal muscle massage tool for bringing relief to a patch of muscles in spasm (knots) or trigger points. By applying pressure to the affected muscle patch, blood circulation is stimulated bringing in more oxygen and nutrients for faster muscle relief and recovery. There are a myriad of trigger points throughout the body located in the neck, shoulders, back, torso, thigh/hips, legs and feet.
  • IDEAL SIZE , DIMENSION AND WEIGHT -The Selfie Massager weighs less than a pound. When used on a consistent basis, anything over a pound can easily fatigue the arms and hands diminishing the accuracy and pressure applied to the affected muscle group impeding recovery and healing. Also, the awkward handle shape and positioning on many popular massagers can make it difficult to operate for those with limited range in mobility. Our design addresses those issues.
  • BPA, PBDE, TBBPA FREE & ECO FRIENDLY - The Selfie Massager is made with eco-friendly components that are BPA, PBDE, TBBPA free so it is safe to use in the water or shower. The environmentally sound plastic is also hypoallergenic so there is little risk of an allergic reaction during prolonged contact with the skin. We take great care in bringing to you the finest trigger point massager that not only promotes your well-being but that of the environment as well.

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Brown
Big dude with small spouse

Are you a big dude with a small spouse who just isn''t strong enough to get into those deep back muscles? Do you find yourself laying on your back with a fist pressed between you and the floor searching for that eluding crack to releive the pain? This is the tool for you.

James Johnson
Works great, sturdy

Love this handy gadget.Have to be careful to not apply too much pressure, just a small amount does wonders.Everyone that''s tried it loves it.

Monica Nunez
love this

took care of my knot I had in my shoulder in only 3 days. love this massager

Curtis Curtis
Awesome Product!

Excellent product! Easy to hold and position where needed!

Crystal Byrd
Great buy

I love the directions and being able to use this for multiple areas