Liba Indoor Fly & Insect Traps, Wall Mounted Pest Control

  1. Effective Pest Control: Liba Indoor Flying Insect Traps use advanced technology to attract and capture pesky flies and other flying insects.

  2. Chemical-Free Solution: Say goodbye to harmful chemicals and pesticides. Liba traps provide a safe and eco-friendly way to keep your space insect-free.

  3. Easy to Use: Simply plug in the trap, and it starts working immediately. No complicated setup or maintenance required.

  4. Low Noise Operation: Enjoy a peaceful environment with Liba's quiet operation. It won't disturb your daily activities or sleep.

  5. Large Coverage Area: With a wide coverage area, Liba traps are ideal for bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and more. Keep your entire home insect-free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 5826 reviews
No more pest problems

During the hot summer mnths, my family and I were bothered by a constant influx of small creatures our backyard. These tiny beings seemed intentionally disrupting our peace and preventing us from relxing outdoors. Irritated and in need of solution, I started looking something to get rid of these troublesome creatures once and for all. After spending lot of time online, I found product that clamed to be an excellent eliminator. Interested and hopeful, I quickly bought it, eager to solve our problem. Little did I know that this simple purchase would greatly impact our summer days. After just week of using the product, I was impressed with the results. The sticky cardboard acted as a trap for the creatures and caught a large number of them. It was truly remarkable to see how well this invention worked. Although it didn't catch any other types, it made up for it by capturing numerous ones that had been bothering us. I highly recommend this product to anyone facing a similar situation. It has been extremely helpful for my family, allowing us to enjoy our outdoor space again without being bothered by persistent creatures. If you're tired of constantly being annoyed by these small pests and are looking a paceful retreat, this solution is answer. You can trust it

Flies and fruit flies no more

Takes care of flies and fruit flies. Perfect solution!

Bennie R.
Must have in mosquito prone areas

In place with awful mosquitoes, this item has become essential for me. I've bought many units over time and they have worked very well. Althogh the fan motor may not last long time, the outcomes of catching insects are impressive. I've even suggested it to the people who live near me!

Robert U.
Works well

Initially, I had doubts about it, but after rading feedback, I dcided to try it. I work in office where mosquitoes often come in, and the situation is terrible. However once I started using it and left it on overnight, I was amazed. I have already had to replace the sticky pad multiple times because it has caught a lot of mosquitoes. And the best part is, nobody is getting bitten anymore. It's truly amazing!

Carl Y.
Holy crap! a tiktok miracle!

Wow, I saw this on TikTok and couldn't believe such an amazing thing exists! I wanted to give it a shot and it eliminated all the bothersome gnats and bugs that come into my house and irritate my fruit. I would definitely suggest it to everyone, it's amazing!