Liba Percussion Deep Tissue Massager

  • ATTAIN MUSCLE PAIN RELIEF: This handheld electric massager enables you to target all troubled areas, by helping you massage them thoroughly and topically, one by one. It is the perfect at-home massaging tool, affording much needed soothing, whenever you might feel like needing it the most.
  • GET PROFESSIONAL GRADE, THERAPEUTIC TENSION RELEASE: No need to spend your hard earned money on spa massage services. This handy percussion massager allows you to perform the process yourself, just by turning it on! Sit back, relax and enjoy a powerful, therapeutic massage that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.
  • POWERFUL MASSAGER MOTOR: Rapid massaging movements, performed in short, even intervals, are essential for effective massaging. Producing up to a whopping 5000 pulses per minutes, this massager features a high-performing, reliable motor, giving you an unparalleled massaged experience.
  • 3 MASSAGE HEADS & ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Featuring a dimmer-like sliding switch, this handheld massager allows speed customization, according to your individual needs and comfort level. With 3 massage head attachments, LiBa’s electric massager is a full- fledged professional massaging tool, helping you reach all body areas with ease and massage them efficiently and with less effort.

Customer Reviews

Based on 395 reviews
Its so heavy for me to use on my neck area

I injured in an auto accident so there are herniated and bulging disks in the neck area, I also get migraines and tension headaches and can''t take pain pills.It was so heavy I could hardly hold it up to get to the area, I have a tear in the right shoulder, a small one and trying to move that over there, with the stretching of the left arm was too much.Hopefully hubby can use he is a lot stronger and when my tear is healed maybe I can use it for the bad headaches.

Stephanie K.
Disappointing and lacks substance

no comment

Alexandra Klein
Best value for the money!

I ordered this because the TENS unit I have wasn''t doing the job with neck pain. I''ve used it on my back and it''s a nice relaxing vibration.

Beverly Collier
Wonderful product

Definitely worth the price.

Connie C.
Affordable and lovable!

Love it, great price!