Liba Women's Shaver & Bikini Trimmer

  • COMFORTABLE HAIR REMOVAL & TRIMMING: Stop spending money on torturous hair removal methods! You can now maintain your personal grooming routine without wasting another penny on professional services. LiBa’s shaver and bikini trimmer allows for perfect hair removal and maintenance, in the comfort of your own home!
  • HYPO-ALLERGENIC BLADES: This trimmer and shaver are safe to use on all skin types, even on those extremely sensitive and tender to shaving. Its blades are 100% hypo-allergenic and are soft to the tender, delicate skin of the bikini region.
  • AVOID BURNS AND IRRITATION: Featuring an angled head, this body groomer helps you shave or trim hair as close to the skin as possible, without causing razor burns, skin redness and/or irritation. It’s also ideally shaped to reach every skin area without effort and cut or remove wild, coarse hair with ease.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: Powered by 2xAA batteries, this cordless trimmer and shaver is perfect for travel. It is safe to use while in the shower or bathtub, as it is designed for both wet and dry shaving. *Recommended to use alkaline batteries

Customer Reviews

Based on 74 reviews
Lisa Brooks
Low Quality Shave

Not that close.

Sheila Hampton
Efficient and painless performance

It does a good job. Easy, quick, and painless

Victoria A.
Surprisingly exceeded my expectations!

Better than what I expected !

Stephen Gordon
Gentle and effective shaving

Really nice. Cuts close without irritation.

Amy Allen
I like it

This is pretty nice product it cuts hair well. I received this in the exchange for a review and I would recommend this. What I like is that it is used on wet or dry skin.I did not get a clean shave like a razor would, but it is still useful. There are no razor bumps or cuts like the razor gives. The top falls off quite easy. The color is very cute. Overall I would recommend this!